Welcome to Joytex Sourcing Ltd.

About us

Introduction We don’t believe in boasting about our self but we do believe in working. And we just follow one rule that is “STOP TALKING, START DOING”. Our organization has the capability to meet your expectation and that’s what we always say about our company to all our buyers. We provide all sorts of service to our clientele and all of them are our permanent buyers’ now- a- days. If you want to share a new encounter in buying house era we just tip you to join us.

Principles of Our Work


Ethical Supplier of “Joytex Sourcing Ltd” has been audited and approved confirming all standard and procedures to meet the European and USA ethical code of conduct regarding all health and safety at work and meet the minimum age and minimum monthly wages as per local authority rules and regulation set down.

Quality Control

We have very strict and rigorous quality control procedure throughout the group realizing the very codes of practice and procedures used within the industry we have set u at each location our won fully equipped quality control department carrying out all the QC checks during production. For all new customers where required, we send our Quality Controller to visit the factories to learn and familiarize themselves with all customer-specific QC techniques and procedures.

Our Products